Herman Taylor Jr. was born in Lake Village Arkansas in 1950.  His immediate family members and friends know him as Humbo.

He moved to Chicago at an early age to live with his uncle and evolved into a self-taught artist.  His unique style favors radiant colors, detailed lines, and silhouettes that create illusions.

Using pure imagination and images from photographs, magazines, newspaper clippings, and other periodicals, he recreates a fusion through his own style giving the movement and depth of the image.

Those that have viewed his body of work referred to the pieces as vibrant, fascinating, colorful conversation and meditation pieces that capture the viewer’s imagination.

In his own words, his works are created from his innermost, because once the impression is perceived in his mind, everything else becomes spontaneous.

He provides advocacy services to inner-city at-risk youth and their families in educational strategies with a holistic focus centered on guidance, youth preservation, and on-going mentoring for spiritual, mental, and physical self-empowerment under the umbrella H.U.M.B.O. Inc. [healing unwanted mental behavior and/or obstructions].